An aerial robotics design and manufacturing firm

Perspective Robotics AG

Fotokite is dedicated to improving the safety and speed of public safety team operations, such as fire brigades, where it provides invaluable aerial situational awareness information to firefighters and first responders to help manage complex, safety-critical situations.


Enabling succession solutions

POLYGENA AG is a sponsor specializing in succession solutions for SMEs in the industrial and services sectors. It assumes full managerial responsibility for the optimal development of these companies over the long term. As a partner for SMEs, POLYGENA AG aims primarily to increase client benefit through innovation in products and processes and to tap into and make full use of the SME network from a global perspective. POLYGENA AG currently has 550 employees in five Swiss companies and their subsidiaries abroad.

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Providing an energy boost to the food and beverage industry

SpecPage AG

Swiss-based SpecPage is a global leader of innovative, advanced digital software and IT solutions, and the only product lifecycle management and product data management process solution vendor uniquely dedicated to the food and beverage industry.

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Everything under one roof: the software solution for independent wealth managers

Assetmax AG

Assetmax AG is one of the largest and fastest growing providers of IT platforms for independent asset managers and banks in Switzerland. Its software enables reduction of repetitive tasks by consistently automating and outsourcing business processes.

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Revolution in the operating room

Neo Medical SA

Very few people are spared from back pain over their lifetimes. The rest of us will have to seek help for it at least occasionally. Sometimes surgery is unavoidable due to an accident, excessive strain, or a genetic defect.

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A cycle tracker for the 21st century

Ava AG

Ava is a start-up that was founded in Switzerland and has its headquarters in Zurich and San Francisco. The company has developed a wristband of the same name with an associated mobile app, which through the recording of various physiological parameters provides women with information about their own cycle and their health in general.

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Digital Revolution in Lending

Tradeplus24 AG

Loans are only granted to those who can provide security – sometimes difficult for SMEs that cannot offer traditional collateral, such as real estate. The first fintech investment by Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. aims to revolutionize secured lending using the latest technology.

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