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Please note that Direct Business currently does not support securities trading and e-bills. These services will be available within the next six months. Please continue to use Direct Net if you need them in the meantime.


A Different Kind of Online Banking

Credit Suisse Direct Business, the new online banking platform designed especially for corporate clients, makes banking a great deal easier. Discover future-oriented features that will save you time and money.

  • Customized homepage, according to your personal preferences
  • Quick and easy payment processing
  • Direct leasing requests and approvals
  • Liquidity management, including accounts with other banks (multibanking)
  • Self-administration of your employees’ user rights

Additional information can be found in our fact sheet (PDF) and in the video.


Always Up to Date – Even Your External Accounts

The clearly presented accounts overview allows you to view the current status of your accounts, including information regarding your accounts with other banks.

  • Clear overview of liquidity and transactions
  • Account details on request
  • Comprehensive status thanks to the integration of external accounts

Additional information can be found in our fact sheet (PDF).


A Payment Process That Requires Minimal Effort

A sophisticated payment wizard lets you make payments quickly and easily on your PC or via your accounting software.

  • Payment orders in line with the ISO 20022 standard
  • Template suggestions for single payments 
  • Optimum management of templates and folders
  • Ability to adopt payment orders issued from your previous online banking platform

Additional information can be found in our fact sheet (PDF).

Online Leasing

When It Needs to Be Fast: Manage Your Leasing in an Instant

Process leasing of capital goods and cars online in a matter of minutes. You'll benefit from this feature in all situations, not just when you're short of time.

  • Online leasing applications
  • Significantly faster processing time for leasing applications
  • Fast credit decision
  • Easy monitoring of your leasing portfolio
  • Archive your lease agreements


Additional information can be found in our fact sheet (PDF) and in the video.

*When you conclude an online leasing agreement, we will reimburse you with 50% of the processing fee. The offer is valid from now until the end of June 2018. The agreement must be approved by all parties within the offer period. Applies to all individual leasing agreements starting from CHF 20,000 (vehicles) or CHF 30,000 (capital goods). The maximum investment valid for this campaign is CHF 500,000. The contract must be activated by the end of September 2018.

Leasing finalized in 18.5 minutes. Online!


Plan and Monitor Liquidity – Including Relationships with Other Banks

The multibanking feature even allows you to integrate accounts with other banks into your Credit Suisse accounts, thus making it easier for you to view the development of your liquidity in a way that works for you and allocate your assets in the best way possible.

  • Online onboarding and independent management of your external bank accounts
  • Cost effective and simplified multibank data aggregation using SWIFT, EBICS and Intersys
  • One login for an overview of liquidity across all of your bank accounts
  • Continuous access to your multibank dashboard

Additional information can be found in our fact sheet (PDF), in the terms and conditions (PDF) and in the video.

Self Administration

Manage User Rights Online – for Maximum Efficiency and Transparency

With the self-administration function, you can manage your company's user rights yourself. This means you can avoid the time and effort involved in postal deliveries. And you have full transparency at all times with regard to authorizations.

Self administration
  • Independent management of your company's user rights
  • Immediate authorization of all user rights managed online
  • Real-time overview of all user rights
  • Separate entry and approval of user rights managed online by nominating several internal administrators
  • No additional forms and procedures

Additional information can be found in our fact sheet (PDF).

Getting started

Logging in

  1. Go to the Direct Business Login page, or click on the Go to Direct Business button below. (We recommend to bookmark this page in your favorites)
  2. You can use the same Credit Suisse Direct Net credentials to log in to Direct Business
  3. Enter your User-ID and Password
  4. Enter your Secure Number (either SecureSign, SecureID or SMS process, the same process as you use to login to Direct Net today)

First Use

  1. Your default Home landing page can be set up and personalized from the Set up Home page link within the Profile icon on the upper right
  2. Also within the Profile and Settings you can change the language or other default settings
  3. If you are using the Leasing or Multibanking modules please set up your Notification (icon upper right) contact and services
  4. All of your standard user settings including payment templates will be copied from Direct Net to Direct Business the first time you log in
  5. Note some Direct Net functionality, for example trading and portfolio’s is not yet available in Direct Business. This should be added early 2018.
  6. You can provide the team direct Feedback from the Contact Icon on the upper right

Contact Us: 0800 88 11 88

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