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Simple and User Friendly

The Portal offers clients a completely new user experience when using their Online Banking for Corporates. The new widget concept allows any user to setup their own landing page, so they can focus on what is most important for them. Additionally, new administration features, tasks, notifications and self-service possibilities further enhance our clients experience.


Continuity and Reliability

Accounts builds upon the existing online banking foundation and reliability that clients expect from Credit Suisse. A new overview provides clients with a clear insight into the status of their accounts and posted transactions. Additionally, new functionality allows clients to integrate account information from other banking relationships into a single view.


Functional and Precise

Direct Business provides more efficient and improved user journeys for payments. You can make payments quickly and easily from your desktop or via your accounting software. Payment orders captured via Online Banking (Direct Net) are also reflected in the new Direct Business portal.

Online Leasing

Flexibility and Innovation

Online Leasing is the new digital channel offering fast and cost-effective access to Credit Suisse’s Equipment and Car Leasing. The new leasing dashboard provides you with an updated overview of your leasing portfolio, as well as access to detailed information when required. With just a few clicks online, you can request and confirm new leasing agreements.

Online Leasing


Powerful and Unique

The control and planning of liquidity is key for every business. With the increasing complexity and networking of your company, however, it can be difficult to maintain a constant overview of your liquidity situation.

If your liquidity is distributed across several accounts held in various currencies at different banks in Switzerland and abroad, it takes a considerable effort to achieve the desired overview of your liquidity development and ensure your assets are allocated in the best possible way. The Multibanking feature enables you to manage your liquidity reliably and efficiently while taking all of your banking relationships into account.

Getting started

Logging in

  1. Go to the Direct Business Login page, or click on the Go to Direct Business button below. (We recommend to bookmark this page in your favorites)
  2. You can use the same Credit Suisse Direct Net credentials to log in to Direct Business
  3. Enter your User-ID and Password
  4. Enter your Secure Number (either SecureSign, SecureID or SMS process, the same process as you use to login to Direct Net today)

First Use

  1. Your default Home landing page can be set up and personalized from the Set up Home page link within the Profile icon on the upper right
  2. Also within the Profile and Settings you can change the language or other default settings
  3. If you are using the Leasing or Multibanking modules please set up your Notification (icon upper right) contact and services
  4. All of your standard user settings including payment templates will be copied from Direct Net to Direct Business the first time you log in
  5. Note some Direct Net functionality, for example trading and portfolio’s is not yet available in Direct Business. This should be added early 2018.
  6. You can provide the team direct Feedback from the Contact Icon on the upper right

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