Webinar Series Can US and China co-exist in a multi-polar world?

Can US and China co-exist in a multi-polar world?


Wednesday, September 2, 2020 | 10:00am to 11:00am (Singapore/Hong Kong time)

How will the US-China relationship and increased animosities impact the new world order? Will the upcoming US presidential elections change US policies and the view towards China? What is the impact of the strained US-China relationship on Asia’s growth and stability in the region and around the world? Can both countries find a peaceful way to co-exist as they jostle towards global leadership?

Moderated by Mr. Lito Camacho, Vice Chairman, Credit Suisse Asia Pacific, the session featured Ms. KT McFarland, former Deputy National Security Advisor to US President Donald Trump and Author of Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We The People”, as well as Dr. Shirley Yu, fellow at the Ash Center, Harvard Kennedy School and Senior visiting fellow, Institute of Global Affairs, the London School of Economics.

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About the speakers

KT McFarland

Former Deputy National Security Advisor to Donald Trump and Author of Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We The People”

Ms. Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland is one of the country’s most prominent conservative foreign policy experts. She was President Trump’s first Deputy National Security Advisor and helped turn Trump’s campaign promises into his America First foreign policy. Prior to joining the Trump Administration, she was FOX News’ National Security Analyst. McFarland appeared regularly on all FOX and FOX Business News programs, hosted FOXNews.com’s “DEFCON3,”and wrote a regular column for the FOX Opinion page.

She held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan Administrations, including as an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger on the National Security Council. She received the Defense Department’s highest civilian honor, the Distinguished Service Award, for her work in the Reagan Administration. She is an alumna of George Washington University (BA), Oxford (MA), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD program (all but dissertation). She is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign
Relations, and a board member of the American Conservative Union.

Ms. McFarland was named Woman of the Year by the Clare Booth Luce Foundation.

KT McFarland

Dr. Shirley Yu

Fellow at the Ash Center, Harvard Kennedy School and Senior visiting fellow, Institute of Global Affairs, the London School of Economics

Dr. Shirley Yu is currently a fellow at the Ash Center, Harvard Kennedy School; Senior visiting fellow, Institute of Global Affairs, the LSE. Formerly a China National Television News Anchor, senior executive and board member, she has been a frequent speaker on China’s political economy and geopolitics, most recently on the global impacts of China’s tech rise and fintech development. She is author in a Palgrave Macmillan 2020 book Huawei Goes Global: Made in China for the World. She has also published three books in Chinese: 1) Fearless Pursuit, 2) On China, by Ambassadors, and 3) The Rise of the RMB and the Fall of the Yen.

Dr. Yu is a frequent guest on BBC News, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia on China. She is a column contributor to the FT among others, and appointed to the Expert Network by the South China Morning Post. Her interviews also appear in Al Jazeera, PBS Frontline, and Asia Society publications. She is also a keynote speaker at leading global think tanks including the Chatham House, Asia Society, the Wilson Center, Harvard Kennedy School and the LSE, among many.

She was Vice President of strategies and innovation of Xin Yuan Group (NYSE and HKEX-listed), in charge of global strategies and fintech (blockchain) startups. One of the blockchain companies was ranked in global top 5 in 2017 by patent numbers. She was also the deputy director of the Xin FIntech center under the Tsinghua PBOC School of Finance and co-led teams to draft policy white papers for the Chinese central bank on Fintech reforms.

She has a Ph.D. in political economy from China’s Peking University, and a Master’s degree in Government from Harvard University. She is also senior advisor to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance China Council, and a former mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for International Women.

Dr. Shirley Yu

Lito Camacho

Vice Chairman, Credit Suisse Asia Pacific

Mr. Jose Isidro N. (Lito) Camacho is Managing Director in the Asia Pacific Division of Credit Suisse, based in Singapore. He is also the Vice Chairman for Credit Suisse Asia Pacific.

Mr. Camacho joined Credit Suisse in March 2005 after a distinguished career in government and international banking. He was appointed Secretary of Finance for the Philippines in 2001, a position he held until November 2003. As Secretary of Finance, Mr. Camacho led the country’s economic team and supervised the fiscal and financial sectors.

Prior to that, Mr. Camacho was the Secretary of Energy for the Philippines where he was credited with the successful passage of the country’s power sector reform legislation. He was also Chairman of Land Bank of the Philippines, Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation, Trade Development and Investment Corporation (PhilExim), Home Guaranty Corporation, National Power Corporation (NPC), Power Sector Asset and Liability Management Corporation (PSALM), National Transmission Corporation (Transco), Privatization Council, Capital Market Development Council, and National Credit Council.

Prior to joining the government, Mr. Camacho was a Managing Director and Chief Country Officer for the Philippines at Deutsche Bank, AG in Manila. Before Deutsche Bank, Mr. Camacho worked for Bankers Trust Company for over twenty years in New York, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore. His last position at Bankers Trust was Head of Investment Banking for Southeast Asia. Mr. Camacho became a Managing Director at Bankers Trust in 1990 and obtained Partner status in 1996.

Mr. Camacho is currently a Director of SymAsia Foundation (Singapore), a board member of the National Gallery Singapore, a member of the Capital Markets Advisory Group of the Securities Commission (Malaysia) and a Founding Member of Asia Peace and Reconciliation Council. He is also the Non-Executive Chairman of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), a board member of Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc (Philippines), Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Bhd, Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Bhd and a Senior Advisor to The Boston Consulting Group (Singapore). He was previously a board member of National Heritage Board of Singapore (2007-2013), member of the Securities Industry Council of Singapore (2010-2017) and member of the Group of Experts of the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum. Mr. Camacho was also formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse Singapore (2007-2016).

Mr. Camacho obtained his Bachelor’s degree in mathematics (cum laude) from De La Salle University in 1975. He received his MBA with concentration in Finance from Harvard University in 1979. On February 2017, Mr. Camacho was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration from Eastern Asia University, Thailand.

Mr. Lito Camacho