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Join our series of webinars focusing on the latest Supertrends theme spectrum. Amidst the current uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis, this webinar series is designed to shine the spotlight on trends which will drive change and generate opportunities in the years to come.  Distinguished thought leaders - both internal and external experts – are invited to share their insights and expertise with Credit Suisse clients at these exclusive webinars.

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Wednesday, June 24

Climate change – Decarbonizing the economy

Our latest Supertrend “Climate change – Decarbonizing the economy” was the theme in the fourth edition of the Supertrends webinar series. Climate change is forcing companies to abandon, adapt and transform their mode of business. This edition focused on the key sectors which can play a pivotal role to decarbonize economic growth in the years to come, particularly in the areas of power generation, fossil energy sources, transportation, agriculture and food production and how investments that could benefit from this transformation in coming years. 

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Daniel Rupli and Jens Zimmermann

Wednesday, June 3

The Race to 5G

The third edition of our Supertrends Webinar Series 2020 – The Race to 5G - focused on current developments with long-term implications for the general investment landscape. With the spotlight on 5G, the webinar was centered on the significance of the technology - one of the lynchpins of the fourth Industrial Revolution, surveyed the players in the race for 5G supremacy and took a deep dive into how one of the technology’s leading lights, Huawei, is navigating the storm of political and trade tensions currently occupying the US and China.  Amid COVID-19 and the ensuing global economic collapse, the discussion also touched on the US-China conflict specifically on the 5G race and the ongoing onslaught on China’s position in the US-China strategic competition and worsening trade relations.  

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Paul Scanlan, Randy Abrams and Amanda Drury

Wednesday, May 20

Post-Covid World

Amidst the current uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis, our long-term investment themes continue to provide clear solutions for investors.  Which trends will drive change and generate opportunities in the years to come?  The spotlight was on how the pandemic has upended our normal way of life and how it will catalyze the disruption in the way we live our daily lives and run our businesses.  Dr. Larry Brilliant discussed with Ms. Amanda Drury, on the new world we are facing and how our daily lives will be irrevocably altered in ways unimagined.

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Larry Brilliant and Amanda Drury

Wednesday, May 6

Global launch of Credit Suisse Supertrends report

Our normal way of life has ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic.  At the same time, in its implacable ways, the crisis has naturally uncovered the limitations of our current ways of living, working, producing and trading, thereby sowing the seeds of more changes ahead. Credit Suisse’s key architects of our Supertrends discussed more about the implications of the current situation.

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Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe and Daniel Rupli

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