Prof. Dr. Aleksander Berentsen

Professor, Economic Theory, and Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Basel

Aleksander Berentsen’s research interests include monetary economics, macroeconomics, and financial economics.  Currently, his research focuses on the analysis and the practical implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain and cryptoassets) and on how central banks should use monetary policy instruments such as negative interest rates or balance sheet extensions to respond to macroeconomic shocks.  

Currently a research fellow at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Dr. Berentsen used to be an external consultant for the Swiss National Bank. He has published academic articles in the American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Journal of Monetary Economics, International Economic Review, and European Economic Review.  

Dr. Berentsen studied at the Universities of Basel and Bern, and at the London School of Economics, and held visiting positions at the University of California in Berkeley, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Zurich, the Free University of Berlin and the Université Paris Dauphine. In his free time, he plays tennis, renovates riads in Marrakesh and writes articles for newspapers.