Blog The Age of Sci-Fi & Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The Age of Sci-Fi & Rise of Artificial Intelligence
In an illuminating opening keynote address, prominent technology expert Mo Gawdat explored the impact of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence on humans and society.

He noted that rate of product adoption and development has been accelerating at rapidly. For instance, it took the Internet around 15 years to match the reach that television achieved in 100 years. Google, meanwhile, took 10 years, Facebook 6 years and Instagram just two years.

“It is not unlikely that something comes out this year that will reach a billion people by the end of the year,” said Mr Gawdat , the former Chief Business Officer for X, previously Google X.

With life cycles compressed, he advised investors to stay nimble and review their portfolios regularly to ensure they are not caught off-guard by disruption. “Be willing to revisit your decisions, because things will pop up that will change everything,” he said.

Mr Gawdat has set himself a mission to make a billion people happy in five years; a development which will be key as robots become more ubiquitous and reach the same intelligence as humans.

“Machines are learning by observing humans and humans have never been more unhappy. My personal moon-shot is to make a billion people happy. If there are a billion people telling us why us there is a better way to live we can change the world forever,” he said.