Blog Smart mobility - A smooth ride ahead?

Smart mobility - A smooth ride ahead?
Smart mobility solutions such as autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) are moving into the mainstream quickly and presenting new opportunities for long-term investors. On the AV front, the development on fully self-driving cars are in full-swing and should be on the roads in a matter of years.

Dr. Jianxiong Xiao, Founder and CEO of AutoX Inc., noted that such vehicles should be able to handle all kinds of situations to ensure safety without the help of external sensors.

He advised investors who want exposure to the AV sector to first look at the technology providers who are developing the core artificial intelligence platforms that fuel self-driving vehicles. For EVs, Rupert Mitchell, Chief Strategy Officer at WM Motor said that one interesting investment would be in companies working on grid and advanced battery technologies that are being used in such vehicles.

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Rupert Mitchell, Chief Strategy Officer at WM Motor, gives us his quick take on how to take smart mobility to the next level.

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As a regulator, Chris Leck, Deputy Group Director of Technology and Industry Development Group at Land Transport Authority of Singapore gave his perspective on implementing the infrastructure required to have AVs and EVs running on a city’s roads. For instance, he mentioned that building charging infrastructure for EVs is a challenge in mature city like Singapore.