Blog CNBC Managing Asia @ Global Megatrends Conference 2018

CNBC Managing Asia @ Global Megatrends Conference 2018
The final session of the conference saw Tadahiro Kawada, President, Kawada Technologies, Inc, give an insightful and wide ranging interview conducted by CNBC’s Christine Tan.

Mr Kawada, the fourth-generation leader of his family’s diversified business, talked about the growth of the company’s collaborative robots business, the challenges of transforming a traditional Japanese company, and his vision for the company founded by his great-grandfather in 1922.

He said: “The aim of Kawada vision 2022 is to be a company that everyone in society will say ‘we are happy to have this company’. Banks will be happy to lend us money, our partners will be happy to work with us, and investors will be happy to invest in us. Our employees are proud to work for the company and will tell their sons to work for Kawada.”