High Impact Webinar Series

High Impact Webinar Series

Join our series of webinars to get a close look at some of the most compelling philanthropic and impact investing themes happening across Asia Pacific. Whether you are a budding philanthropist or a seasoned donor, be sure to be part of this engaging and inspiring series of webinars and be inspired as agents of social change.

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September 30

High impact philanthropy

In this edition of the Credit Suisse High Impact webinar series we heard first-hand accounts by three passionate individuals who are raising the bar on high impact investing and philanthropy in their own unique ways.

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High impact philanthropy

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High Impact Webinar Series

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Impact investments at Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has been a pioneer in the area of sustainable, impact investing and philanthropy advisory. Today, we continue to contribute substantially to the development in these areas.
We strive to lead the way in supporting clients as they adapt their business models and join the transition to a more sustainable economic system.
We view finance not as an end in itself but rather as a means to realize ambitious objectives be it financial or philanthropic.