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Keynote Address by Guest of Honor

Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health, Republic of Singapore


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Panel One: Healthcare Giving

Healthcare causes are one of the biggest recipients of philanthropic efforts globally, given the universal necessity of access to medical care. With ever increasing costs and needs that are exacerbated by the considerable pressure placed upon medical facilities to curb spending, philanthropy has a vital role to play in supporting healthcare causes. In this panel session, four philanthropists and practitioners shared their views on why supporting healthcare causes is essential, and the importance of furthering access to medical care when tackling poverty and development issues. In addition to insights about healthcare giving, they also shared their personal motivations and philosophies behind their giving strategies and some of the best practices they have garnered from their philanthropic journey.


Panel Two: Aging and Opportunities in Eldercare Philanthropy

With many countries facing the onset of the ‘silver tsunami’ and a need for long-term elder care on an unprecedented scale, the challenges faced by societies with rapidly aging populations are immense. Some of the issues involved include dementia, mental well-being, active aging, financial security, long-term care and shelter, as well as end-of-life care.

Whilst these present challenges, they also present opportunities for high-impact philanthropic giving as innovative models of care are now being pursued by many countries in the region. In this session, panelists from both the philanthropic and academic realms highlighted some of the greatest needs facing the elderly in the region, as well as some cutting-edge approaches that pioneering philanthropists can invest in and adopt for their own communities.


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Optional Workshop
Stream One: Impact Investing
The impact investing workshop highlighted how private-sector investment strategies are driving profitable, long-term solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. Drawing on the Asia Impact Investment Fund’s live portfolio of deals across China, Indonesia and the Mekong Region, participants engaged directly with the founders of two investees and explored how they were building businesses to change people’s lives.

Optional Workshop
Stream Two: Beneficiary Due Diligence Through presentations, group discussion and case studies, this workshop explained the principles of beneficiary due diligence as well as provided the basic tools for conducting charity due diligence checks and impact monitoring. New philanthropists and those looking to make deep commitments to their beneficiaries were especially encouraged to attend. 


End of Optional Workshops

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