Tadahiro Kawada

President, Kawada Technologies, Inc.

Tadahiro Kawada is the fourth generation President of Kawada Technologies, Inc., Japan’s leading manufacturer and constructor of large-scale civil engineering and architectural steel structures. The company has supplied steel structures for the largest suspension bridges in Japan as well as iconic high-rise buildings and dome stadiums.

As President of Kawada Technologies, Inc., parent company to all Kawada Group companies, Mr Kawada oversees multiple businesses including construction, ICT, aviation, environmental, and robotics.

Passionate about innovative technologies and with degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering, Mr Kawada led the research and development of humanoid robots at Kawada, collaborating with the University of Tokyo and Japanese government agencies. From the year 2000, the company has developed over 10 variations of biped humanoid robots. Kawada’s newest robotics product, NEXTAGE, is an industrial-use collaborative robot (cobot) that empowers manufacturing companies by facilitating factory innovation and labor efficiencies.