Louise Huterstein

CEO, Pursuit Hospitality AG

Louise Huterstein is currently working on a new project, combining her passion and background in real estate, transformative hospitality, and sustainability best practices with the creation of The Fourwood Collection. A portfolio of tranquil eco-conscious hideaways that serve as a getaway and gateway for the world’s business leaders, innovators, content creators, and luxury travelers.

Ms Huterstein is also an active angel investor, with an interest in sustainability innovations, property technology and hospitality driven businesses. Prior to this, her work focused on luxury real estate development in Spain, and her completion of Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ executive management training program in Munich.

She graduated with a double major in Communications and International Studies, and a minor in Business Studies from Northwestern University in 2010. Although faced with a heavy academic curriculum, she spent most of her time starting and running student businesses - including a food delivery startup, which she believes paved the way for her future business endeavors.