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Watch the most popular mobile game combat live to understand the largest online games market worldwide, and be part of the premiere of a documentary that explores artificial intelligence by a Golden Horse Award winner.

Film Documentary: “7%” – Humans versus AI 

Zhou Hao, Director, two-times winner of the Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary 

Google announced on October 19 that AlphaGo Zero, its new artificial intelligence (AI) program that taught itself to beat the earlier versions of the program, has achieved superhuman performance without any human input. It was a landmark event in AI research, and has also drawn huge attention to one of the most challenging domains: the ancient Chinese game of Go. On the first day of our CIC panel, we invite you to a 45-minute documentary, 7%, which tells the story of “Jueyi”, an AI computer program for Go created by Tencent. The name “Jueyi”, meaning “Fine Art”, came from a poem which praises the best Go player at the time, written by a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty. Tencent’s AI lab spent a full year developing Jueyi, and by March 2017, Jueyi had beaten Ke Jie, the human world champion of Go, 13 times in a row.

The documentary was named 7% because the well-known Japanese Go player, Fujisawa Hideyuki, once said: “If there are 100 ways to play Go, I only know seven of them”. As one of the oldest strategic games in human history, Go always appears sophisticated and mysterious. Yet, it is now clear and concrete thanks to the unprecedented computing power of calculation by computers. Have human beings become “redundant” as Ke Jie described? Given the tremendous progress made in AI, Zero has been used to help understand the process of protein folding within a cell. What kind of breakthrough might be around the corner after the quantum computer is in use? What prospect would that bring to the world?

This is the premiere of 7% in the Chinese mainland. Hao Zhou, the director, won the Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary in 2014 for Cotton and in 2015 for The Chinese Mayor. He will discuss the above fascinating questions with the panel.

Prospects for the e-sports industry – "Honor of Kings”

Bo Zhu, Co-founder, Seeinfront Capital

Yang Wang, Senior Partner, President of Gaming Business, Seeinfront Capital 

China is the largest online games market globally with an estimated market size of USD 27.5bn in 2017, according to Newzoo.  In China, Tencent is the leading player in this market, capturing nearly 50% of the market share in 2Q17, according to iResearch.  The top 10 mobile games accounted for 55% of China’s total revenue from mobile games in 1H17. 

Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” has maintained its position as one of the most popular mobile games in China with more than 200 million registered players. King Pro League (KPL) came about as a result of the game’s popularity. It is the only official professional competition for this game, marking a new chapter in the history of mobile games. “Management of E-sports” was selected as a new major for higher vocational schools by the Ministry of Education in 2016 and e-sports was also accepted as one of the official events in the 2022 Asian Games in early 2017.

This panel will feature Bo Zhu, co-founder of Seeinfront Capital, whose full subsidiary, QG Happy E-sport Club, has won 15 games in a row and is the champion of two major events in the KPL. He will share his experiences and views on the management of the club, the professional e-sports player team and the outlook for e-sports. Professional players from QG Happy Club will invite members of the audience to take part in a real-time combat as part of the game, which promises to be thrilling to witness.