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New Experiences for Better Living
Millennials are clamoring for ‘new’ experiences. From learning the ‘ancient’ form of martial arts online to watching e-sports (online games), the new generation has access to a variety of experiences in just a few clicks.

Tai Chi culture in the internet age

Dressed in a Tang-dynasty dress and wielding an ancient sword, Yongxiang Ye, Yang-style Tai Chi master, brought down the house with her Tai Chi sword performance accompanied by a traditional Chinese melody. Unlike topics such as AI, automatic driving and robots, wellness and health is a perpetual theme of human life.

Nowadays, people are fond of working out at the gym, running marathons and highlighting their running routes and six pack abs on social media, which shows Western-style exercises as the mainstream fitness regime. Unlike individual bodybuilding exercises, Tai Chi emphasizes a holistic approach to cultivate physical and spiritual well-being, with a set of movements presented and structured in a congruous manner and at an even pace to achieve harmony between body and mind.

Despite its slow rhythm, Tai Chi can be physically demanding. It is good for achieving the sustainable development of body and mind by gradually improving physical and mental vigour while maintaining peace of mind. From the beginning of this year, Ms. Ye has won the hearts of many fans by teaching Tai Chi on the Internet. "I believe that technological advances, for example, in the application of holographic projection will improve the accuracy of the Tai Chi movements being taught," she commented.

Ms. Ye said that taekwondo and karate are far more popular than Tai Chi among youngsters who are keen on keeping fit. As a matter of fact, Tai Chi has started to be incorporated as part of the gym workout routine and there is tremendous room for learning and promoting this form of martial arts with the help of the Internet.

The professionalism behind the champion team of "Honor of Kings" and the prospects for China’s e-sports industry

Liangjun Xiao, senior founder and CFO, and Yang WANG, senior partner and president of the Gaming Business, both of Seeinfront Capital, introduced the professional operational system of their company’s QG E-sport club, and spoke about their optimism in the robust development of the e-sports industry in the long run.

As the "Honor of Kings" professional team of QG Club, QGHappy emerged as the champion of both KPL (Professional League) Spring Contest and Champions Cup Contest in 2017, while also performing well in the autumn contest. Before a formal exchange of views took place, a team formed by investors was pitted against QGHappy in two friendly matches. Although the investor team was soundly beaten in both matches, the exciting performance won warm applause from the floor.

When explaining the club’s system of talent development, Mr. Wang said the club maintains a strong talent pool in addition to 10 players in the starting line-up. The semi-military management style adopted and the rigorous data-based evaluation and training regime are conducive to building a team with the strongest fighting capability and defensive quality.

Mr. Wang and Mr. Xiao pointed out that even though the e-sports sector is still in the early stage of development, they hope that through efforts on different fronts, they will be able to build from scratch a range of comprehensive and robust systems for the company that govern areas such as transfers of membership. Currently, the club derives the majority of its income from advertising, transfer fees, and monetization initiated by fans. With the market becoming increasingly sophisticated, e-sports will assume a business model more in line with traditional sports. Watching e-sports will become part of daily life, thus transcending the life cycle of the game itself.

Ivy League incubator – how to get into the most competitive schools

As more and more Chinese students choose to study abroad, the CIC invited Brian Ong, a legend in the overseas study field known for his ability to get his students successfully into Ivy League universities every year, to share his views. He was featured on the cover of the September 2017 issue of Forbes Asia for tutoring a considerable number of students who have been admitted to Ivy League universities.

On how to successfully apply for a place in a US college, Mr. Ong pointed out that activities that are important in addition to academic capabilities include playing sports (individual sports such as tennis and squash, and team sports such as soccer and basketball), being proficient in music (piano, violin, cello and the flute), public speaking and debate, programming, speaking a second language (French, German, Spanish and Latin), and school charity activities.

Regarding the submission of application documents, Mr. Ong said it is of utmost importance to highlight the candidate’s unique qualities, given the highly limited number of undergraduate places available for mainland Chinese students every year. He also advised thorough interview preparation for students wishing to apply for Harvard University, Columbia University and Princeton University – all of which place great emphasis on interview performance.

However, Mr. Ong did not approve of a packed schedule of extracurricular and tutorial classes for children as this may lead to the premature loss of a child’s ego, innocence and personality. He also advised against giving children an international education too early.