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  1. Erica Poon Werkun: Cyclical sectors are the key investment opportunity for 2020

    Which industry sectors are hidden gems that investors should pay more attention to? We sat down with Erica Poon Werkun, Head of Equity Research, Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse, to find out.

  2. Zhenyi Tang: A diverse range of emerging companies will continue to drive the growth of the Chinese economy

    Zhenyi Tang, CEO China, Credit Suisse, discusses why it’s an exciting time for investors to participate in the China theme, and the four areas in which China’s entrepreneurs are expected to lead the country onto the global stage.

  3. Health, Wealth and Investing in Modern China

    Credit Suisse successfully concluded the 9th Credit Suisse China Investment Conference (CIC) held in early November in Shenzhen. The central theme of this year’s CIC was assessing China’s state of health – including its economic outlook, the performance of its leading companies and innovators and, pertinently, developments in its healthcare industry.

  4. China – a breeding ground for unicorns

    China has been at the forefront of technological innovation and has achieved impressive progress in strengthening its entrepreneur community and helping people to live smarter, healthier and better lives. In the meantime, Chinese government has been actively encouraging and promoting innovation and business startups, which nurtured a large number of “unicorn” companies, making China now the second-largest source of “unicorns”. 

  5. Christian Schmid: Digital health will shift the focus from treatment to prevention

    Christian Schmid is Fund Manager for Credit Suisse Asset Management