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  1. China – a breeding ground for unicorns

    China has been at the forefront of technological innovation and has achieved impressive progress in strengthening its entrepreneur community and helping people to live smarter, healthier and better lives. In the meantime, Chinese government has been actively encouraging and promoting innovation and business startups, which nurtured a large number of “unicorn” companies, making China now the second-largest source of “unicorns”. 

  2. Christian Schmid: Digital health will shift the focus from treatment to prevention

    Christian Schmid is Fund Manager for Credit Suisse Asset Management

  3. Vincent Chan: China’s innovations try to solve the inefficiencies of the Chinese economy

    Vincent Chan is Head of China Equity Strategy Research at Credit Suisse

  4. Kyna Wong: China is making good progress in its semiconductor development

    Kyna Wong is Head of China Technology Research at Credit Suisse

  5. Exploring China’s State of Health

    Health is in the spotlight at this year’s Credit Suisse China Investment Conference. This includes the state of China’s economic health, as 40 years on from the beginning of its economic reforms, it faces a range of challenges that threaten its growth and influence. At the same time, the CIC is taking an in-depth look at Chinese healthcare as the country seeks to position its pharmaceutical industry as a global leader while trying to build a system that can support the medical needs of the population.