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  1. Navigating competition and cooperation in the US-China relationship

    When considering historical comparisons to explain the current US-China relationship, how far back should investors look? 50 years? 500 years? Try 1,000 years, to the time of the Song and Liao dynasties.

  2. Making it look easy: China’s chipmakers defy downturns

    China’s aspirations for its semiconductor industry are crystal clear. The government has invested more money in the sector than the Americans spent on putting a man on the moon. Now, with local demand exceeding production, the nascent yet fast-growing industry is all set to be an integral part of China’s bid to achieve better technological self-sufficiency.

  3. Walking the tightrope: Will China’s self-reliance impact its global ambitions?

    How can China balance the shift to becoming more self-reliant, while continuing to build and expand trade relationships with the rest of the world? That was the topic under discussion by two eminent Chinese economic experts at this year’s Credit Suisse China Investment Conference (CIC). 

  4. Where to find opportunities for alpha in China’s fast-evolving ESG investing world?

    Over the years, China has made a series of policy moves helping the country and its corporations embark on the path to sustainable and responsible growth. In doing so, it has promoted the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing practices that continue to open up fresh opportunities for alpha generation.

  5. China unicorns – Riding high

    In the latest edition of the China unicorns report, Credit Suisse analysts explore the implications of the “dual circulation” economic strategy on China’s unicorns (privately owned companies valued at over US$1 billion). Entitled “China unicorns – riding high”, this special report was presented at the 11th Credit Suisse China Investment Conference (CIC). The annual event – held in a virtual format this year – provides a unique opportunity for public and private companies to connect with investors and gain insights into the important themes driving China’s markets and the country’s Great Expectations.