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  1. Is a recharge on the horizon for China’s NEV market?

    It’s been a tough couple of years for China’s overall car market. Last year was the first time sales of new vehicles fell in decades, dropping 3% to around 28 million units. And that slowdown is continuing in 2019. In the year to September, cars sales registered a year-on-year decline of 11%. By comparison, over the same period in 2018 cars sales were showing growth of 1% even if they did eventually end in negative territory.

  2. Can technology help China’s journey to a better logistics landscape?

    Attendees at the 10th Credit Suisse China Investment Conference (CIC) in Shenzhen are used to hearing about the latest cutting-edge technology so it takes a lot to surprise them. But one speaker certainly gave the audience something new to digest when he demonstrated the type and level of information available on his platform. Perhaps even more surprising, the industry that provoked such interest was logistics.

  3. East meets West: Can China and the world learn the best from each other?

    Examples abound of Western multinational companies making the foray to Asia, but to achieve success they have had to tailor their strategies for the local market. Similarly, are there opportunities for Asian companies to export their expertise to make a global impact?

  4. Making sense of Trump, China trade and pork prices

    Much of the discussion around the US-China trade relationship has framed the debate of how the evolving situation between the two superpowers will ripple through the global economy. But what if fundamental structural changes in how the global economy is currently operating means that it is inevitable for politicians to embark on policies that increase protectionism and challenge the accepted model of global trade?

  5. Dong Tao: China will lead the world in this data era

    Which sectors will benefit as China moves to stimulate economic growth and what may surprise the world about China in the coming decade?  Dong Tao, Vice Chairman, Greater China, Credit Suisse Private Banking, shares his insights.