Victoria Tsai

Founder and Chief Treasure Hunter, Tatcha


After a decade of working in the corporate world, I found myself deeply unhappy and embarked on a search for a simpler, more authentic approach to life. I began to travel, eventually finding myself in Kyoto. The people I met in Japan taught me an entirely new way to think about beauty. To care for the skin is to care for one's health, because skin is our body's largest organ and reflects our stress, our diet and our environment. Instead of constantly going to battle with their skin, they consider it with gratitude for all the incredible work it does for us.

Their belief that beauty comes from a beautiful heart and a beautiful mind inspired “Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures”, our program for supporting girls’ education around the world in partnership with Room to Read, a leading nonprofit organization that works towards world change through children’s education. Every single Tatcha purchase helps fund education for an incredible girl around the world. We just passed the milestone of funding two and a half million days of school—something all of us at Tatcha are humbled by. 

When I traveled to Japan, I found myself healed in the truest sense of the word. The beautiful ingredients and timeless rituals I was introduced to calmed my skin; the kindness and mindfulness of the people nourished my soul. Creating Tatcha was my attempt to bring a small piece of Japan home with me — I often call it my love song to Kyoto.