Nick Taylor

Founder and CIO, Senrigan Capital


Nick Taylor has been investing in event-driven strategies in Europe and Asia for over twenty years. Mr. Taylor began his career in finance working on the Risk Arbitrage desk at Goldman Sachs from 1996 to 1999. He later joined Credit Suisse where he co-founded Modal Capital Partners, the bank’s internal hedge fund, and ran its European event driven strategy before becoming CEO of the business. In 2004, he successfully expanded Modal’s operations into Asia, establishing offices in Tokyo and later Hong Kong. Mr. Taylor was subsequently appointed Head of Asia Pacific Proprietary Trading for Credit Suisse and served as a member of the Equity Division’s Operating Committee.

In 2006 Mr. Taylor founded Modal Re., a Bermudan Reinsurance Company. In 2008, Mr. Taylor and several members of his investment team moved to Citadel where he was a Senior Managing Director and would head the firm’s International Principal Investments (Europe and Asia) and Asia-Pacific Equities. Mr. Taylor also served on the Management and Investment Committee at Citadel.

Mr. Taylor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Social & Political Science from Cambridge University. He studied for a doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and was also a lecturer in Philosophy at St. Catherine's College.