John Saunders

Head of Real Estate, Asia Pacific, Blackrock


John Saunders, Managing Director, is the Head of Real Estate in Asia Pacific. In this role, Mr. Saunders is responsible for the management of all of BlackRock Asia Pacific real estate operations. In addition he is the Fund Manager for BlackRock's Asian flagship opportunity Funds.

Mr. Saunders has nearly 29 years' experience in the property industry, the last 21 of which have been in Asia. Prior to joining MGPA, Mr. Saunders worked for Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia running their regional property research effort, being variously number one and/or top three ranked for the majority of his tenure there. In addition, Mr. Saunders was instrumental in the start of their closed end Real Estate Fund business, on which he served as an investment committee member. Prior to that, he ran the overseas portfolios for listed landlord Hongkong Land.

Over his career to date Mr. Saunders has been involved with all the major real estate asset classes across

the majority of the Asian markets. A regular market commentator in the press, radio and TV, Mr. Saunders and his team were particularly early in investing in Japan prior to the recent recovery following the Abe government's reflation policies.

Mr. Saunders is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and a member of Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors.