Hirotaka Shimizu

Chairman & CEO, Kamakura Shinsho, Ltd.


Hirotaka Shimizu joined Kamakurashinsho in 1990, a business his father started in 1984 focusing on publishing books on Buddhism. Prior to joining, he spent 4 years working for a stock broking firm. In Kamakurashinsho, he transformed the business to focus on digital, helping those with their needs related to graves, funerals, Buddhist alters and other end of life needs. In 2016 he took the company public. In 2018, Kamakurashinsho was elected Best Under A Billon 200 in Forbes. He holds a B.A. in faculty of commerce from Keio University.

Kamakura Shinsho operates an online portal providing information and consulting related to "end of life planning" services, such as funerals, Buddhist altars and gravestones. It also provides such services for end-of-life care and inheritance related matters.