Fumio Kishida

Chairperson, LDP Policy Research Council, Japan; Member of the House of Representatives; former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Japan


Fumio Kishida has served as Chairperson of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Policy Research Council since August 2017. In this capacity, he oversees all the policies of Japan’s largest political party. Previously, he held the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Abe Cabinet for almost five years.

Mr. Kishida is seen as the most likely candidate to succeed Prime Minister Abe when his current three-year term as LDP President ends in September 2018.

He was elected as a member of the House of Representatives (the Lower House) for the first time in July 1993. Since then he has been reelected a total of nine times.

Mr. Kishida is also the leader of Kochi Kai, a faction of the LDP, which was established by former Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda in 1957.

He graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1982. Following his graduation, he worked for the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan for five years. 

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