David Baltaxe

Chief Intelligence Officer, Unanimous A.I.


David Baltaxe is the Chief Intelligence Officer at Unanimous A.I.. In this capacity, he leads the application of the company’s proprietary Swarm AI® technologies to address issues facing clients and society at large.

Before joining Unanimous, Mr. Baltaxe directed market intelligence and executive advisory for firms focused on the IT, Telecommunications and Sustainability markets. He led AccessISG, a subscription knowledge service at the international sourcing consultancy ISG, where he oversaw the firm’s on-demand inquiry service as well as development and management of ISG’s online assets. Mr. Baltaxe also served as Vice President, Research Operations at Current Analysis, a boutique competitive intelligence firm in Washington DC, where he managed the development and implementation of research methodologies and built the company’s Customer Intelligence service. Earlier, Mr. Baltaxe managed the Multiclient Study Practice at META Group (acquired by Gartner) and led strategy initiatives at pioneering managed services firms. He has advised a wide range of companies, from tech start-ups attempting to shatter traditional business models to well-established corporations seeking to harness the power of new technology to survive or grow in the face of rapid change. Mr. Baltaxe has appeared frequently as an analyst in mainstream media, including the New York Times, Washington Business Journal, Computerworld, and CNET News.

Mr. Baltaxe holds a Master’s Degree with a specialization in computer-mediated communications from the University of Florida.

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