Antoine Cote

Co-Founder and CEO, Enuma Technologies Ltd.


Antoine Cote is a Microsoft veteran and serial entrepreneur who has been active in the realm of technology for over two decades. In his twelve years at Microsoft US and China, he led large teams of engineers in developing and shipping core commercial products such as Visual Studio, C#, Azure and the Microsoft Commerce Platform. During that time, he was awarded 13 design patents by the USPTO and founded the Microsoft China R&D Center in Shanghai. Since 2012, Mr. Cote has become a serial entrepreneur in each of the Blockchain, virtualization, IoT, and security areas. His current career focus is leading Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects with a technical expertise especially in scalability and security. Mr. Cote is also active in the Blockchain ecosystem as a technology partner and acting CTO for several affiliates. He is fluent in English, French and Mandarin.

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