Meet China’s unicorns – how to build successful billion dollar companies

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

17:00 - 17:50 Ballroom 1

‘Unicorns’, or companies that have a valuation of US$1 billion or more, are emerging from China at a remarkable pace. Its massive population of internet users provides a deep pool of consumers that have proven to be fast adopters of winning ideas, creating a unique environment in which startups can enjoy huge success in a very short span of time. Investors have been fueling the growth of unicorns by pouring billions of dollars into services offering everything from ride hailing to bicycle sharing. But there are casualties along the way too, and only the smartest firms survive. In this highly competitive market, what do firms need to do to stand out from the crowd and engage with consumers? Where will the next innovations come from? Our panelists, from areas ranging from big data solutions, to health technology and fintech, will share their experiences of overcoming the challenges of running their businesses as well as some of the lessons they have learned. This is a session not to be missed for investors looking for the next billion dollar idea.

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