Using Swarm AI to generate financial intelligence

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

16:00 - 16:50 Ballroom 2



David Baltaxe

Chief Intelligence Officer, Unanimous A.I.

Swarm Intelligence is crucial to many species’ survival. Birds, bees, fish and ants are all smarter when they think and act together – as part of a flock, hive, school, or colony – than when they’re alone. Modeled on natural swarm intelligence systems, Unanimous A.I.’s Swarm AI® technology amplifies the intelligence of diverse human groups by connecting participants using AI algorithms to create an artificial “super-expert” that can make highly accurate and insightful predictions. This session will explain Swarm AI and culminate in a live experiment, in which delegates will join together on the Swarm platform to create a super-expert that will project its views on the markets in 2018 and the key drivers of investment opportunities across asset classes, geographies, and industry sectors.

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