What will be the future of retail in India?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

14:00 - 14:50 Ballroom 2



Kishore Biyani

Founder and Group CEO, Future Group

The retail business globally, and more so in India, is undergoing a massive transformation, as traditional retail, modern trade, and e-commerce converge in fascinating ways. As data becomes cheap, device costs plummet, and computing and analytics become more powerful and yet easier to access, the business of selling goods to people is changing like never before. Not too long ago, many thought that India would skip the transition to modern-trade, and jump straight to e-commerce. However, as e-commerce companies struggle with the hard real-world problems of transportation and inventory management, and generating profits in a tough industry, retail chains are reporting a strong revival in sales, helped by superior customer understanding and increasing use of sophisticated analytics. As consumption continues its strong growth in India, what shape will the industry take? Join us in conversation with Kishore Biyani, the Founder of the Future group and a pioneer of modern retail in India, who expects to cross US$1 trillion in revenues by 2047.

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