Food disrupted

Thursday, March 22, 2018

14:00 - 14:50 Ballroom 1



David Yeung

Founder, Green Monday

Disruptive forces are shaping the food industry: Globally, food startups are creating revolutionary food-tech solutions. Millennials are ditching traditional food brands in favor of those that are more nutritious and ethical. Global M&A in the food industry is gaining momentum as conglomerates lose market share and struggle to keep pace with the consumption habits of millennials. Food retailers are engaging with customers increasingly through both online and offline channels. In this environment, how do we rebuild the food system so that it can sustain a population of over 9 billion in less than 20 years in a healthy, sustainable, and humane way? David Yeung, an environmental advocate and founder of Green Monday, a social venture that addresses healthy living and food insecurity, will share his views on the forces that will shake the industry and the opportunities for a better future.

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