China’s MSCI inclusion – a wake-up call for investors?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

10:30 - 11:20 Ballroom 2



Harry Hao Fu

Deputy Director General, Global Business Strategy Committee, and Managing Director, Global Business Development Department, Shanghai Stock Exchange

China is forging ahead with efforts to internationalize its financial markets and open them up to global investors via a range of channels. How successful will this be, and what are the key challenges to overcome? What impact will this move have on the dynamics, demographics and sophistication of China’s capital markets? And will the market behave differently with more foreign institutional money in it, given that it is currently still dominated by retail investors? Ahead of China’s inclusion in MSCI’s Emerging Markets and World indices, Harry Hao Fu, Deputy Director General of the Global Business Strategy Committee at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, will share his insights into how these moves may increase fund inflows into the domestic market and boost the sophistication of China’s onshore markets. With China sometimes underweight and even overlooked in global investors’ portfolios, Mr. Fu will explain why it’s essential that investors reassess their China exposures in order to capture new trends – or risk being left in the slow lane.

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