A brighter future for Hong Kong?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

09:30 - 09:55 Ballroom 1



Laura M. Cha

Member, Executive Council of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Chairman, Financial Services Development Council, Hong Kong

Will Hong Kong succeed in cementing its position in the coming years as a premier international financial center? From the Belt and Road initiative to the Greater Bay Area scheme, Hong Kong possesses remarkable strength in financial and professional services to build a world-class business and technology hub and assist top Chinese companies in going global. Yet what will Hong Kong’s next step be as it seeks to capitalize on the opportunities and drive technological innovations in its financial sector to maintain its competitive edge? Mrs. Laura Cha is a member of the Executive Council and the Chairwoman of the Financial Services Development Council, a high-level advisory body promoting Hong Kong’s financial industry. Mrs. Cha will provide her insights into the broader policies that may safeguard Hong Kong’s appeal to international investors. In particular, she will outline her vision for the city’s financial and economic development against the backdrop of China's current economic growth, and discuss possible initiatives enabling Hong Kong to benefit from these cross-border schemes and the global fintech trend.

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