Beyond tomorrow – what role do humans have in the future?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

12:30 - 13:50 Island Ballroom, Island Shangri-La



Chris Riddell

Global futurist in today’s disrupted world

Think the world is going by faster than ever? You’d be absolutely right. With the rise of unprecedented amounts of technology, data and insights, we are now moving at lightning speed and things are getting faster day by day. This is Disruption as Usual and it’s the most exciting time ever to be a human being on planet earth. We are in the midst of the biggest revolution in history, and the next three years will redefine the next 100. Global futurist Chris Riddell will show you the patterns, megatrends and game changers that are playing out, and how technology is blending the physical and digital worlds in which we live. Consumers’ expectations have changed forever – good is no longer good enough. Trust as we once knew is being reinvented, and this is our call to action. This is the human revolution. Get ready for Beyond Tomorrow.

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