Behind the scenes of the White House

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

08:30 - 09:20 Ballroom 2 and 3



Reince Priebus

White House Chief of Staff (2017); Chairman, Republican National Committee (2011–2017)

How does the current US administration function and how much myth and reality is there to what we read about the unconventional inner workings of the White House? Join us to hear the insights of former top US administration official Reince Priebus, who served as the White House Chief of Staff to US President Donald Trump until July 2017 – supporting the President, managing the White House staff, and collaborating with Members of Congress and other key policymakers in advancing the President’s agenda. With a long history in Republican politics and having served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee during the 2016 election cycle, Mr. Priebus is uniquely positioned to shed much-needed light for investors on how policy is formulated and discuss the pros and cons of the President’s unique management style.

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