Articles & stories Neil Hosie: Disruption Means Progress

Neil Hosie: Disruption Means Progress
Neil Hosie is Head of Equities, Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse

The theme of this year’s Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference is 'Disruption as Usual'. What does disruption mean to you?

Neil Hosie: Disruption means progress. Technology and innovation will continue to bring new advancement in all aspects of our lives. Business practices and key participants are there to be challenged where continuous enhancement is required to stay ahead. New ideas and an innovative approach will be needed to capture the opportunities that disruption creates.

New companies are emerging every day that will be household names in the future.

Do you think disruption is the new norm? Why do you think that?

NH: Disruption is constant. We are in a world where the technology pace of change is constantly disrupting the way that we do business. We are becoming more efficient and streamlining processes. Distributed Ledger Technology will further enhance efficiencies in markets and we embrace the innovation. New companies are emerging every day that will be household names in the future – the number of technology IPOs that Credit Suisse has brought to market from issuers in the region just in the last year gives an indication of this rate of change.

Disruption: Friend or foe for investors?

NH: Change presents opportunity. Investors that can identify new trends as they develop and see the beneficiaries of the path forward will be able to achieve outsized returns. We aim to bring our clients closer to these opportunities and help showcase new technologies as they emerge. Events like the AIC shed light on the future innovations that could present the most interesting opportunities.

Can we expect any disruptive impact from China’s MSCI inclusion?

NH: We can expect a disruptive impact from China’s inclusion into MSCI. While in notional terms the inclusion is not large compared to the liquidity of the market, it means that global investors will need to build their understanding of a market that they previously may have had little or no awareness of. Credit Suisse’s extensive A share research coverage and multiple access paths will ensure that our global clients are prepared for the continued relevance of this important market as it opens fully.