Articles & stories AIC 2015 Offers World-Class Investing Insights

AIC 2015 Offers World-Class Investing Insights
The 2015 AIC is less than 3 weeks away and brings together some of the world's most influential thinkers and leaders to give you informed perspectives on the road ahead.

The annual Credit Suisse AIC is now in its 18th year and will feature presentations from thought leaders around the world, including current and former heads of state, government ministers, central bank governors, academics and economists.

A year ago, world markets were considering the impact of US tapering, uncertainty around Europe’s economic recovery, China’s economic slowdown and critical elections in India and Indonesia.

This year the US recovery, continued concerns around Europe and China’s economic slowdown remain on the agenda. India and Indonesia have elected ambitious new leaders who are demonstrating a zeal for economic reform; the technological revolution being played out in China is creating a new economic sector across Asia Pacific region; while with growth and wealth comes geopolitical risk as countries become more confident and assertive. On top of that, there are the constant issues that preoccupy investors: what really moves asset prices and how can you predict them? And how do you avoid the pitfalls of investing and capitalize on the opportunities? New vistas and markets are also explored at the AIC. This year we have representatives from some of Asia Pacific’s frontier markets, including ministers from Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka who will present at the AIC, not to mention the chief pilot from Virgin Galactic, who will discuss just how soon commercial space travel could become a reality.

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Helman Sitohang, CEO for Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse says “The AIC brings together regional and global insights  so our clients can make an informed assessment of the risks and opportunities in the investment landscape. With a mix of political leaders, policy makers and prize winning economists, combined with on-the-ground views from corporates and businesses that are operating in the region, the AIC presents a unique opportunity to get informed perspectives on the road ahead.”

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong. And remember to check the AIC blog and our Twitter handle @csapac for real-time news and updates during the conference.