Articles & stories Reince Priebus: 8 Quotes from the Former White House Chief of Staff

Reince Priebus: 8 Quotes from the Former White House Chief of Staff
As said by Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff (2017); Chairman, Republican National Committee (2011–2017), on Day 3 of the 21st Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference.

1. On life in DC:

An accurate description of life in the West Wing is a rollercoaster ride: exhilarating, nauseating but exciting all the while.

2. On the presidential election victory:

There's no shortage of analysis to how Donald Trump won the election – when it’s that close you can point to almost anything.

3. On the Trump decision making process:

The White House is constructed of people with varying views on policy – the media in and around DC see this as chaos, they focus only on who's up, who's down and competing power centers. Granted it’s not the Washington way of decision making but that’s not what the American people voted for.

4. On Trump's achievements:

If you look at what's happened with ISIS, courts, tax reform, regulations – if you’re a Republican in the US and understand the politics here, you couldn’t be happier with the results in just one year.

5. On trade policy, threats of tariffs:

It’s not a shell game. This is real and I don’t see the President backing down on trade. I see him being reasonable, cutting bilateral deals, but his position on trade won't change. He's been talking about it since 1980.

6. On Trump's appeal to the American people and how Priebus was wrong on trying to control him:

The President is a person who wears his opinions on his sleeve. He wants to respond unfiltered to the American people and for him it’s worked. I was always telling him "you can’t tweet this, this is the way to do it". Normally I’m right but in this particular political environment I was wrong. I was wrong about Twitter, about saying 'don’t say this; don't do that.' The American people feel like they’ve been lied to... they are tired of it.

7. On nationalism and populism globally:

Populism and nationalism isn’t a Trump thing, it’s a worldwide thing...People are sick and tired and they want real people that serve with a pure heart that make a difference telling it like it is. The President got it and captured it.

8. On disruption:

There's disruption all over the world – it's what people are gravitating towards.