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  1. Disruption Accelerated: Is it realistic to attain both Alpha and Sustainable Growth?

    After more than a year of Covid-19, the world is learning to adapt to its disruptive influence. With an economic recovery now underway, it is time to look ahead to a future that will inevitably be shaped by the trends initiated - and accelerated - by the pandemic.

  2. Survival lessons for Asia’s unicorns

    If you’ve had enough of hearing the terms unicorn and decacorn, then you’re not alone. But you might be surprised to learn about what alternative term one of Indonesia’s US$1 billion-valuation companies prefers to use instead.

  3. Technology is just what the doctor ordered for China’s healthcare industries

    When you think of the challenges of delivering online healthcare in China, what springs to mind? Data confidentiality? Accurate diagnosis? Well, it turns out that one of the obstacles is retraining doctors to realise that, while it’s normal for in-person consultations to only last three minutes, online they need to spend more time with the patient. 

  4. Can you find growth in Japan?

    It’s a simple question, but considering the headwinds Japan’s economy faces – not least a shrinking population, labour shortages, persistent deflation and the prospect of a tax hike later this year – few would expect a positive answer. Yet over the past 21 years, attendees of Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conferences (AIC) have got used to hearing contrarian views and unconventional forecasts. Would the “Japan Track” on Day 3 of the 22nd AIC provide another surprise?

  5. Do central banks have enough ammunition to fight the next battle?

    Asked the above question during her keynote conversation at the Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference (AIC), former Chair of the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve Dr. Janet Yellen was blunt.