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  1. Sustainability gets the royal treatment

    The latest fashion choice of the British royal family is not often a topic that comes up for discussion at Credit Suisse’s Asian Investment Conferences (AIC). So when the audience was asked in one session at the 22nd AIC to comment on what was unique about the picture of Megan Markle that was appearing on the screen, there were some bemused faces in the room.

  2. Is it time to rethink disruption as usual?

    Much of the discourse around disruption has treated it as a threat, a trend to guard against or grudgingly accept. And while it’s true that disruption has created challenges for industry incumbents, it has equally been a source of empowerment for many consumers, businesses and investors by creating new ways to connect, collaborate and create value.

  3. Three Things We Learnt About Impact Investing

    As said by Marisa Drew, Belva Devara, and Shufang Yang at the 21st Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference.

  4. Forget the Tech Wreck, Think About Star Trek

    Investors might be forgiven for squinting through their fingers at tech stories recently: it’s been pretty grim reading.

  5. Marisa Drew: Impact Investing as a Positively Disruptive Force

    Marisa Drew is CEO of the Impact Advisory and Finance Department at Credit Suisse