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  1. Disruption as Usual

    From electricity making oil-burning lamps obsolete to virtual assistants replacing humans, disruption has been a constant feature of global development. What is new, though, is the speed at which this transformation is taking place, and its capacity to impact governments, industries and markets.

  2. Japan’s economy must stand on its own

    Japan’s economy has responded well to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s reform efforts, despite some internal resistance and a weak global environment, according to Tomomi Inada, Japan’s new Defense Minister, who spoke at the AIC in her previous capacity as Chairperson of the Policy Research Council of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

  3. Can negative rates drive positive growth?

    Headwinds trigger Japan’s historic move to negative interest rates

  4. Abenomics enters second phase from a solid base

    Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, is well-placed to implement the second stage of his economic reform program, according to Dr. Motoshige Itoh.