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  1. Is it time to rethink disruption as usual?

    Much of the discourse around disruption has treated it as a threat, a trend to guard against or grudgingly accept. And while it’s true that disruption has created challenges for industry incumbents, it has equally been a source of empowerment for many consumers, businesses and investors by creating new ways to connect, collaborate and create value.

  2. The climate change investment opportunity in Asia

    While Asia is at the frontlines of the war on climate change, the region also offers investors major opportunities in adaptation strategies and the renewable energy sector.

  3. Oil and gas – where and when will the rollercoaster end?

    Oil prices have plummeted to around $30 a barrel, down from heights of over $100 two years ago. Industry experts at the AIC 2016 agreed that low prices are here to stay, but there are risks that could cause a spike.

  4. Big payoffs lie ahead for clean tech investors

    Investments in clean energy systems and efficiency improvements could be worth trillions of dollars, though exactly where to invest today isn’t always clear, according to panelists discussing global warming at the AIC on April 6.

  5. AIC Conversations: FACTS Global Energy (FGE) Chairman, Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki

    Watch Fereidun Fesharaki Share the Outlook For Oil Prices, Including Influence of U.S. and Saudi Arabia.