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  1. Food Disrupted: A Sizzling Opportunity

    If the hunt for returns is what motivated attendees at the 21st Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference (AIC), observing the overworked (but commendably composed) baristas over four days suggests coffee is what fuelled them.

  2. Alibaba Who? Indian Consumer Tech Comes of Age

    It’s not easy being an Indian consumer tech company. Not only do you have to operate in a fiercely competitive environment and navigate India’s infamous state bureaucracy, but there are also those pesky China comparisons to deal with.  

  3. Art Disrupted—Both the Medium and the Message

    Ever painted with a stick of celery? You can make art from anything reckons Red Hong Yi, a Malaysian-born artist and designer who shot to fame after painting a portrait of Yao Ming, China’s most famous basketball star, and uploading the process to YouTube, where it’s been viewed over 1 million times. 

  4. Why Bearish Politics is Catching Up with Bullish Markets

    Investors could be forgiven for becoming blasé about political risk in recent years. For a long time, regardless of what chaos disrupted politics, from Donald Trump’s election to Brexit, to the threat of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and unclear election results across Europe, markets continued to rise serenely. Until recently.

  5. Get Ready for China’s Great Wall of Money

    Excited about A-shares joining the MSCI? Can’t get enough of Stock Connect? Investors are preoccupied with getting access to China and for good reason. But arguably far more significant for global markets is the billions of onshore renminbi that is increasingly looking for a home offshore.