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  1. Dan Fineman: Markets tend to overlook the vulnerabilities of disruptors to disruption

    Our Co-Head of Equity Strategy in Asia Pacific reminds us that even disruptors can be disrupted.  These are the things that investors should pay attention to, according to Dan Fineman in our interview with him.

  2. Why Bearish Politics is Catching Up with Bullish Markets

    Investors could be forgiven for becoming blasé about political risk in recent years. For a long time, regardless of what chaos disrupted politics, from Donald Trump’s election to Brexit, to the threat of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and unclear election results across Europe, markets continued to rise serenely. Until recently.

  3. Donald Trump’s Socratic Method

    It was a little hard to tell whether Reince Priebus, former White House Chief of Staff and Chairman of the Republican National Committee, had his tongue in his cheek when he said Donald Trump’s decision-making process “follows a Socratic method”, as he put it when discussing the inner workings of the White House in his Keynote Speech on Day 3 of the 2018 Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference (AIC). 

  4. Reince Priebus: 8 Quotes from the Former White House Chief of Staff

    As said by Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff (2017); Chairman, Republican National Committee (2011–2017), on Day 3 of the 21st Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference.

  5. Forget the Tech Wreck, Think About Star Trek

    Investors might be forgiven for squinting through their fingers at tech stories recently: it’s been pretty grim reading.