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  1. Phineas Glover: Governments will be compelled to facilitate transition from plastics much more quickly than anticipated by equity markets

    We sit down with our Head of Environmental, Social & Governance Research in Australia to understand the plastic waste crisis, and what it means for investors.

  2. Is it time to rethink disruption as usual?

    Much of the discourse around disruption has treated it as a threat, a trend to guard against or grudgingly accept. And while it’s true that disruption has created challenges for industry incumbents, it has equally been a source of empowerment for many consumers, businesses and investors by creating new ways to connect, collaborate and create value.

  3. Manish Nigam: The market might still underestimate the magnitude of disruption that tech trends can cause

    While investors understand disruptive trends better, the scale of disruption from new developments in technology are still underestimated, says our Head of Technology Research in Asia Pacific.

  4. James Sweeney: There is an unrecognized disruptive trend that investors should focus more on

    We sit down with our Chief Economist to get his perspective on the disruptive trends in our global economy. Here's what James Sweeney had to say.