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  1. The Land of Unicorns

    China must become more innovative to grow over the long term. Beijing is investing billions in the start-up and maker scene with just this in mind. Out and about in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of southern China.

  2. China: Innovation, Driven by the Government

    With its regulations and subsidies, Beijing is attempting to make the country more innovative. But the importance of the internet is increasing.

  3. Doing Well (for Now)

    The real estate market is a cornerstone of the Chinese economy. But the major fluctuations it has experienced have created uncertainty in the past.

  4. The Next Generation of Growth

    In recent years, a number of Asian economies have seen subdued growth, largely due to the sharp slowdown in China. So long as trade channels remain open and governments continue to pursue stability, the outlook remains positive, particularly for the poorer countries.

  5. Beginning of a New Era?

    Seismic shifts in the global economic and political landscape, marked by rising nationalism and an increasing tendency towards protectionism, are competing against ongoing reforms in China, technological innovation and disruption to financial services in ways never seen before.