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  1. What’s going on with the US-China relationship? It’s complicated…

    The modern dating game is difficult to navigate, more so when you are the world’s biggest superpowers. So it was no wonder that panelists at the 22nd Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference (AIC) struggled to agree on the correct romantic metaphor to describe the state of the relationship between the US and China. Are they a married couple that is thinking about a divorce? Or a pair that have been dating for a while but are yet to fully commit? Whatever the description, one area of agreement was that all is not well between the world’s two largest economies. 

  2. Sustainability gets the royal treatment

    The latest fashion choice of the British royal family is not often a topic that comes up for discussion at Credit Suisse’s Asian Investment Conferences (AIC). So when the audience was asked in one session at the 22nd AIC to comment on what was unique about the picture of Megan Markle that was appearing on the screen, there were some bemused faces in the room.

  3. Should unicorn hunters focus on India?

    India’s track record on producing “unicorns” – tech companies with a value of USD1 billion or more – is often compared unfavorably with that of China. 

  4. Indonesia’s policy balancing act

    Given its large, youthful population and commitment to improving the investment environment, Indonesia is one of Asia’s most exciting investment prospects. But the government faces a number of policymaking tests in balancing the structural reforms fundamental to its long-term growth prospects, and the stability issues sometimes prompted by shorter-term capital flows. 

  5. Taking a holistic approach to robotics

    As humans we’re used to being told to take a mind and body approach to our well-being. Well it turns out the same is true for robots, at least according to Richard Tang, CFO of CloudMinds.