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  1. Dong Tao: Disruption is the Sudden Change in Direction from Traditional Logic

    Dong Tao is Vice Chairman Greater China for Private Banking Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse

  2. The Robot Revolution: Is Automation Reshaping Asia?

    Robots in our daily lives are no longer a surprise, whether we are talking about industrial robots in the automotive industry or smaller ones like the smartphones most of us carry in our pockets. However, there is much more technology to come: Robots with tactile sensing or autonomous vehicles are just some examples of what the future of robotics holds. Is Asia at the forefront of the automation revolution? 

  3. Disruption as Usual

    From electricity making oil-burning lamps obsolete to virtual assistants replacing humans, disruption has been a constant feature of global development. What is new, though, is the speed at which this transformation is taking place, and its capacity to impact governments, industries and markets.

  4. Neil Hosie: Disruption Means Progress

    Neil Hosie is Head of Equities, Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse

  5. China H-shares overweight, greatest upside expected from Asia ex-Japan

    AIC attendees voted on a range of financial topics – see the results.