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  1. The way ahead for a still violent Middle East

    Five years after the Arab Spring, the Middle East remains as volatile as ever, with historical alliances damaged, economies torn by wars and slumping oil prices, and a power vacuum allowing the rise of violent extremism from Pakistan to West Africa. 

  2. Vietnam: new government, fresh opportunities?

    After a period of economic instability during which inflation ran into the double digits, Vietnam has pulled off a recovery and is once again drawing investor interest, with rapid growth (above 6%) and a renewed commitment to reform.

  3. Oil and gas – where and when will the rollercoaster end?

    Oil prices have plummeted to around $30 a barrel, down from heights of over $100 two years ago. Industry experts at the AIC 2016 agreed that low prices are here to stay, but there are risks that could cause a spike.

  4. Big payoffs lie ahead for clean tech investors

    Investments in clean energy systems and efficiency improvements could be worth trillions of dollars, though exactly where to invest today isn’t always clear, according to panelists discussing global warming at the AIC on April 6.

  5. Is the world going back into crisis?

    Jonathan Wilmot, Credit Suisse’s Head of Macro Investments, Asset Management, looks at three past crises of capitalism – in the 1890s, the 1930s and the most recent one in 2007 – and shows that previous pre-crisis financial and economic conditions are not apparent today. His conclusion: Policy matters.