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  1. Serena Shao: The future of healthcare innovation in China hinges on the resolution of a two-sided dilemma

    We interview our Head of China Healthcare Research to understand how new government initiatives in China are disrupting Chinese healthcare. 

  2. Manish Nigam: The market might still underestimate the magnitude of disruption that tech trends can cause

    While investors understand disruptive trends better, the scale of disruption from new developments in technology are still underestimated, says our Head of Technology Research in Asia Pacific.

  3. James Sweeney: There is an unrecognized disruptive trend that investors should focus more on

    We sit down with our Chief Economist to get his perspective on the disruptive trends in our global economy. Here's what James Sweeney had to say.

  4. Dan Fineman: Markets tend to overlook the vulnerabilities of disruptors to disruption

    Our Co-Head of Equity Strategy in Asia Pacific reminds us that even disruptors can be disrupted.  These are the things that investors should pay attention to, according to Dan Fineman in our interview with him.