Sir Stirling Moss Sir Stirling Moss Anniversaries

Sir Stirling Moss Anniversaries

«Moss does it again (1956)»

Interview 60 Years after the Monaco Victory

At the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2016 Sir Stirling Moss was reunited with his Monaco-winning Maserati 250F, 60 years to the day after his maiden Formula One win in the principality in 1956.

“I spent three hours pushing as hard as I could, but 100 laps round here in this 250F was an absolute joy,” he told interviewer Henry Hope-Frost.

Ferraris can’t catch Stirling (1961)

Interview 55 Years after the Monaco Victory

On Saturday at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2016, Sir Stirling Moss remembered his famous 1961 Monaco GP victory, sat atop the wheels of a perfectly restored Lotus 18 with Henry Hope-Frost, positioned outside the Credit Suisse Drivers Club.

As the assembled crowds enjoyed the glorious Riviera sunshine, Sir Stirling recounted another of his famous wins, and what the diminutive Lotus 18 was like to drive to victory, against more formidable machines, back in 1961.

Later in the day Sir Stirling gave another interview, inside the Drivers Club, with Lady Moss at his side, going into more detail about his Monaco history.

Interview in the Credit Suisse Drivers Club