Auction Yearbook Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2015-2016

Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2015-2016

Compiled by classic car authorities Adolfo Orsi Jr. and Raffaele Gazzi, the Classic Car Auction Yearbook is an international reference book and has become an important and historical volume in libraries of savvy collectors and enthusiasts around the world. Credit Suisse has been a trusted sponsor since 2009.

The 21st edition of the Classic Car Auction Yearbook reports on the most important classic car auction sales from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016, covering 5644 cars listed among 324 different marques. In addition to the Yearbook’s renewed and trusted reporting, the new edition offers fresh statistics and specifics on how auction sales have evolved by marque since 199.

“The numbers show a much stronger market than the impression we had in the auction rooms this year: at the end we had a total turnover of 1.2 billion USD, only 1.5% down from last season and, although the percentage of cars sold dropped by 6 points down to 72%, eight more cars (4044 versus 4036) found a new garage,” says Adolfo Orsi, historian, specialist, co-author and president of Historica Selecta. “The average value estimate of some models dropped by 15-20% but this slowdown was expected after years of increase and makes the market much healthier. We are also noticing a new generation of collectors enter the market and they tend to be focused on modern era cars.”