Auction Yearbook Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2014-2015

Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2014-2015

Compiled by classic car authorities Adolfo Orsi Jr. and Raffaele Gazzi, the Classic Car Auction Yearbook is the leading and the only combined source of annual international collector car market sales, with the latest release being published in its 20th edition and sponsored by Credit Suisse for the seventh consecutive year.

The new Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2014-2015 provides knowledgeable insights into the classic car auction season from September 1, 2014 until August 31, 2015. It reports on a remarkable season of sales that exceeded one billion dollars for the second year in a row and one billion euros for the first time in history. The Yearbook also provides a valuable insight into the sales rate of 78% achieved this season – the highest ever recorded by Historica Selecta.

“The overall strength and stability of the market was confirmed this past season by the percentage of sales achieved among the listings we feature, which at 78% is the highest figure we’ve seen in the past 22 years,” says Adolfo Orsi Jr., historian, specialist, co-author, and president of Historica Selecta based in Modena, Italy. “In reviewing the greater trends and data, we continue to see Ferrari lead the market with 34% of total turnover and the US marketplace remain as the most active, responsible for 66% of total international sales. Younger collectors have entered the game and therefore ‘younger’ classics are rising in value with increased demand, and we elaborate on this in the new 2014-2015 edition.”

“We are happy and thankful that due to the long-term partnership with Credit Suisse we are able to have peace of mind throughout the year while producing the Yearbook to continue delivering this report to market insiders who rely on its analysis,” says Adolfo Orsi Jr.